Epistemology of Cool

Epistemology of Cool is part of my research project (PhD @CityUniLondon) that aims to investigate Human Information Behaviour in Cool Hunting and trend hunting.

Reacting intuitively, observing the world, and processing massive quantities of unrelated information in search of creative inspiration is coolhunters work.

The blog is edited by Ana Cristina De Lion

Cool as well

It’s tempting to view the anti-intellectual strains in fashion as nothing more than the historical residue of misogyny. Cultural activities closely associated with women and femininity have long been reduced (even by women) as trivial, frivolous and intellectually insignificant, if not barren. But to understand fashion anti-intellectualism as merely internalized sexism only doubles down on sexism by discounting “fashion women” as unthinking airheads.

Minh-Ha T. Pham: Your Brain on Fashion